Imagine The Best Job In The World!

Imagine what a difference it would make if every pastor in every congregation could look forward to a three-month sabbatical every four years! Imagine especially what a difference this would make to pastors serving smaller congregations.  Nothing silly about that!

Imagine what a difference it would make if high school students saw the ministry as a profession where meaningful service was rewarded with regular sabbaticals—instead of burnout!

A home or ministry exchange may not solve the sabbatical problem for everyone, but it is an affordable solution many have not yet considered.  Like all other privileges of life, a sabbatical presents a set of opportunities and challenges.  This is not surprising, since stewardship is involved.  Each of us has unique gifts and ministries.  Each of us lives and works in unique personal and professional settings. As you look ahead, I hope you will think of a home exchange or a ministry exchange as an additional resource for a most refreshing, stimulating, and memorable sabbatical.

Photo: Ministry of Silly Walks by Domenico is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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