TV Reality Show Involving A Home Exchange

Recently, I read about an upcoming TV reality show scheduled to be produced in Great Britain.  What got my attention is that the show will set up home exchanges for families–and then film them.

The upcoming reality show, “Twin Towns,” promises to pay all the expenses for two families living in “Sister Cities” to exchange homes. The home exchange news article that I read, mentioned that the producers of “Twin Towns” are looking for a family living in Sarasota, Florida, USA (we live in Sarasota county) to swap homes with a family living in Dunfermline, Scotland, UK.

What a great idea!  This seems like a fantastic way to make people all over the world aware of “Sister Cities” relationships.

More important, this kind of reality TV show will put the “Sister Cities” relationships to good use–to increase cross-cultural awareness and promote international cooperation.

Some church bodies have attempted to create something like the “Sister Cities” approach to church bodies in others parts of the world.  It sure would be fun to see what would happen if these same church bodies began to incorporate home exchanges in their global missions program.