A New Economy

Today, increasingly, people striving to make the world a better place are using the words, shared economy and sharing economy.  A more responsible way of life involves sharing what we have.  We need to be good stewards of planet earth.  Life is better for everyone when we share.

The concept of the sharing economy has been around for about ten years now.  In a sharing economy assets (both human and real property) are shared.  Integral to this economic system is the belief that sharing goods and services actually increases their value for individuals and communities.

Oui Fest 2014 was held May 5-7 in Paris to focus attention on the sharing economy. Over 1,000 entrepreneurs, innovators, nonprofit and business leaders, grassroots activists, and public officials from 25-30 countries, came together to develop a common vision of a collaborative society.

Plans are already underway for the third annual festival, Oui Fest 2015. To see highlights of Oui Fest 2014 and to learn more about Oui Fest 2015, visit the Oui Fest Website.