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Become A Green Traveler With A Home Swap

When we go on vacation, our home sits empty. While away, it is easy to worry about the empty house—water leaks, mold growing, the failure of the furnace or air conditioner to keep running, adequate home security by the security system or alert neighbors. All the usual expenses for our home arrive each month and…

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Live The Dream

For many, retirement is the time to live the dream.  Which dream is that?  For lots of us, the dream is travel—to see the world. We ourselves are baby boomers.  We are thinking a lot about retirement.  Much as is the case for lots of our contemporaries, “what we want” and  “what we can afford”…

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Free vs. Paid Membership

To pay or not to pay? That is the question many would-be home exchangers ask themselves. In most home exchange networks, the annual fee for listing your home is nominal–$75 to $150 (about half the cost of one night’s lodging for the typical vacation). But, there is a greater issue at stake when you pay…

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