3D Green Energy

Become A Green Traveler With A Home Swap

When we go on vacation, our home sits empty. While away, it is easy to worry about the empty house—water leaks, mold growing, the failure of the furnace or air conditioner to keep running, adequate home security by the security system or alert neighbors. All the usual expenses for our home arrive each month and…

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Rick Steves

Home Exchange – Travel With A Friend

When we travel, we bring along a friend, Rick Steves.  We recommend that all our family and friends take Rick along as their travel partner as well.  Is Rick busy traveling with us, our family, and our friends?  Well, we believe he is a busy traveler, but we have never met Rick. Rick Steves writes…

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Travel As A Lifestyle

As we prepared to move, in a box of old electronic devices, I found a telephone that had a “cord” attaching the handset to the phone cradle.  I showed this ancient piece of equipment to our grandchildren, ages 8 and 10.  It was like transporting them back in time. Something else from the old days:…

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