Rick Steves

Home Exchange – Travel With A Friend

When we travel, we bring along a friend, Rick Steves.  We recommend that all our family and friends take Rick along as their travel partner as well.  Is Rick busy traveling with us, our family, and our friends?  Well, we believe he is a busy traveler, but we have never met Rick.

Rick Steves writes travel books and he produces wonderful travel shows.  We also use travel gear (suitcases and backpacks) and travel guides (books and DVDs) available at his website, RickSteves.com.  We, also, find his website itself to be very helpful for anyone planning to travel to Europe.

Rick’s style of travel and his travel values fit in perfectly with home exchanges and home swaps.  He encourages people to travel and to experience new places, as a temporary “local.”  Rick makes the case that travel can help to broaden our perspectives on the world.  He champions the practice of taking steps to make your travels both affordable and meaningful.

Home swaps are a perfect strategy for developing affordable and meaningful travel plans, where you get to “live like a local.”

Why not do like we do and bring our friend, Rick Steves, along for your next trip?  We are confident that you will appreciate his travel tips and suggestions about sights to see, as well as come to value him as a friend whose perspective and advice makes travel an adventure.

Photo: Rick Steves, Europe traveler by Robert Scoble is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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