Arne Garborg To Love A Person

Put A Song Back In Your Pastor’s Heart With A Sabbatical

Sometimes, when we hear of how some of our pastor friends are struggling in their ministry, we remember the story of the parakeet who lost his song. Lester the parakeet’s sad story began one day when his owner inadvertently sucked Lester into the vacuum bag while cleaning his cage. After removing Lester from the bag,…

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Let Me Please Breakdown

I remember the first time a pastor colleague told me that he had a breakdown, requiring hospitalization and therapy.  It was 35 years ago.  He blew my mind.  He was successful—the pastor of a large church.  He was very matter of fact about the incident.  It was Sunday morning.  He was, at home, getting ready…

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Slow Down To Stay In The Game

Bill figured out how to slow down and stay in the game. The game was racquetball. Bill was one of three pastors with whom I regularly played racquetball at the YMCA in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, back when I was in my mid-30s. Bill was retired. As I near retirement, I find myself still looking up…

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