How To Sell Your Home — For A Home Exchange

Most people we know have bought and sold, at least, one home.  If you are thinking about doing a home exchange, you probably own a home, right now.  One way to sell your home (so other home exchangers want to do a home swap with you) is to look at your home “through other peoples’…

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Baby Boomers—Tourists or Travelers?

Article after article today laments the economic downturn and the effect this will have on Baby Boomers who haven’t saved for retirement. “Retirement.” I hope that is a word my fellow Baby Boomers will never use. Remember when we were going to change the world? Well, perhaps the current economic reality is just what we…

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Home Exchanges Are All About People

One of the often mentioned reasons for doing a home exchange is the opportunity to “live like a local.” This summer, after our home exchange, we realized that another benefit is that you get to meet the local people. We were doing a home swap in southwest England. The check-out clerk at the local grocery…

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