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Become A Green Traveler With A Home Swap

When we go on vacation, our home sits empty.

While away, it is easy to worry about the empty house—water leaks, mold growing, the failure of the furnace or air conditioner to keep running, adequate home security by the security system or alert neighbors.

All the usual expenses for our home arrive each month and must be paid.  We can’t skip the mortgage just because we are not home.

Our stove, refrigerator, coffee pot, microwave, washer and dryer are there—at home—but they are not being used.

Meanwhile, there is a family somewhere else in the world whose home sits empty at the same time during their absence, while they are on holiday.

Is this responsible stewardship?

I don’t think so.

When we pay to stay at a hotel, we end up paying twice for our lodging—the hotel and our empty house.  Likewise, we end up using twice the resources, putting additional pressure on limited environmental resources.

You don’t have  to stay in a tree house or camp out in a tent to be a green traveler.  You can be a green traveler by swapping homes with someone else while vacationing.  You may even end up enjoying your holiday in a home as nice—or nicer—than your own home.  Even if it is not as nice—it will be more comfortable than a hotel room.

Nearly a billion travelers span the globe.  As one of these travelers, let’s enjoy our travels and conserve resources.  Be a green, home exchanging traveler.

Photo: 3D Green Energy by ccPixs.com is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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