How Long Or Short Can My Home Exchange Be?

How long or short can my home exchange be? What do you want it to be? Do not rule out the benefit of a home swap because of your assumptions about what is involved. One of the common misunderstandings is that you have to plan on a month or longer if you want to do…

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Home Exchange Basics 101

What if something gets broken or soiled during the exchange? The simple rule is: replace it or have it cleaned–just as you would at your own home. If you or a member of your family is responsible for the damage, do not shirk your responsibility.  If you were at home and your child broke a…

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Life Stewardship and Home Exchanges

Recently, during a conversation, I mentioned the idea of using a home exchange for sabbatical time “off ” and the person responded, “What about my things?” My jaw dropped.  “What about your things?” I thought.  This person is a pastor, nearing burnout, needing a sabbatical, and their main concern is for their “things”?  I guess…

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