Home Exchange Basics 101

What if something gets broken or soiled during the exchange?

The simple rule is: replace it or have it cleaned–just as you would at your own home.

If you or a member of your family is responsible for the damage, do not shirk your responsibility.  If you were at home and your child broke a lamp, you would repair or replace it.  If you spilled red wine on the sofa at home, you would quickly clean the spot.  The same applies when you are a guest in someone else’s home.

Also, repairs that are not the result of negligence are the owner’s responsibility.

Appliances simply wear out or break down–and this can happen during the exchange just as easily as when you are at home.  The cost of routine repairs are part of your household budget, not your vacation budget.

Leave the telephone number for a reliable service person.  Decide ahead of time on the limit your guest is authorized to spend on your behalf for a repair (maybe $150?); then, be prepared to pay the bill or reimburse your exchange partner if they pay the bill for you.

As a guest, we urge you to operate on the side of caution when using your host’s appliances.  Do not overload the washer or dryer.  Do not misuse appliances, trying to make them do what they never were intended to do.

As a homeowner, please don’t let that repair bill ruin the exchange for both families.  Plan ahead.  And remember to say, “Thank you,” for taking care of the repair.