How Long Or Short Can My Home Exchange Be?

How long or short can my home exchange be?

What do you want it to be?

Do not rule out the benefit of a home swap because of your assumptions about what is involved. One of the common misunderstandings is that you have to plan on a month or longer if you want to do a home exchange. Nothing could be farther from the truth. In point of fact, you can probably find someone to do a home swap with you, regardless of how long (or how brief) the duration you have in mind.

Want to be gone for a long week-end? Can do. Want to be gone for 2 weeks? Can do. Want to be gone for two months? Can do. Want to be gone for a year? Can do. Want to do sequential home swaps? (What do you suppose is the answer? Yep.) Can do!

It is a big world out there. Chances are good that someone out there is looking for a home exchange that is as long or as short as the one you have in mind.

We have seen an interesting trend that seems to really break wide-open creativity when planning a home exchange. I am referring to the increasing rise of people offering more than one home swap listing. What’s happening is that people are listing their vacation home–and then mentioning a couple of interesting things. One, they are willing to make their primary residence available also–at a different location. And, two, they are willing to schedule non-simultaneous home exchanges.

A “non-simultaneous home exchange” is just what it sounds like: people make their home available to you based on your schedule, rather than sending you away because they are looking for a different time frame than you. The result is that people have a much greater selection for the time frame (and the timing) of their preferred home swap.

So, how long or how short can my home exchange be? Almost anything is possible. All that limits what is possible is your imagination.