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Arthur & Pauline Frommer–Trusted Travel Advisers

Arthur and Pauline Frommer know a lot about traveling. I have trusted them as a resource for my travels for more than 40 years. I continue to appreciate their wisdom and practical advice as they list the benefits of home swapping. As a young traveler to Europe in 1970, I clung to my copy of…

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Home Swaps Mantra

As a real estate broker, I have often quoted the mantra–and you all know it–location, location, location.  The value of the home you are looking at depends on its location.  In the world of home exchanges, the value of your experience depends on a different mantra–flexibility, flexibility, flexibility. The best home exchange belongs to those…

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Christian Community of Home Exchangers

If you have ever thought of doing a home exchange–and you are a Christian–why not help build the Christian Community at One benefit of this Christian Home Exchange organization is that it is part of an international home swap network with over 40,000 listings so you can easily find someone with whom to do…

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