Gamla Stan

Arthur & Pauline Frommer–Trusted Travel Advisers

Arthur and Pauline Frommer know a lot about traveling. I have trusted them as a resource for my travels for more than 40 years. I continue to appreciate their wisdom and practical advice as they list the benefits of home swapping.

As a young traveler to Europe in 1970, I clung to my copy of the Arthur Frommer Travel Guide. Again in the 1980s, Arthur Frommer was our trusted resource when we traveled as a family. Now, Arthur and Pauline Frommer have an excellent travel website,

Recently, a blog posted by Pauline Frommer gave me a lot of encouragement when I read her firm belief that home exchanging is one of the most intelligent and rewarding methods of travel today. She cites the elimination of the high cost of lodging, how one becomes a resident in the places to which you travel, how home swaps expand your world view, and how doing a home exchange helps you use a valuable asset (your home) as part of your travel, rather than leaving it vacant and unused during your absence.

Photo Credit: Gamla Stan by Mariano Mantel is licensed under CC by 2.0
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