The Christian Home Exchange Movement

The Christian Home Exchange website is owned by the non-profit organization, St. Hans Ministry Exchange, Inc. The name, St. Hans, refers to St. John the Baptist, whose motto was, “He (Christ) must increase, I must decrease.” Our logo incorporates a symbol of Christian baptism—the seashell with water drops. The water drops enter an ocean (represented by the wave) of worldwide Christian unity.

The founders of Christian Home Exchange did our first exchange in Norway, 25 years ago. To arrange a home exchange with other Christians, back then, was very different from what it is today—very different and very difficult. Today, the internet provides many resources to help you find an exchange partner, to communicate quickly and inexpensively with your exchange partner, and to plan all aspects of your travel experience.

Fortunately, the home exchange movement is becoming more and more popular. Similarly, the Christian home exchange movement is on the rise.

People do not have to “do it the hard way” as we did our first time.

To get where we are today, we had to build the bridge as we walked across it.

Today, the bridge exists.

Photo: Benjamin Shears Bridge by Choo Yut Shing is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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