The Drama Of A Home Exchange

I’ve always felt that home exchanges were for those who love adventure and drama.  Well, now the tables are turned and those who love adventure and drama are discovering home exchanges.

The writer and producer of “Monk” and “White Collar” has now written a mystery/comedy play called “Home Exchange.”  This drama is showing at the world famous Waterfront Playhouse in Key West, Florida this month (May 2012).

I really wanted to go see the play, as Key West is “only” a 6-hour drive from our home.  Unfortunately, we don’t have any free weekends this month.  They are all full with family birthdays, Mother’s Day, a church convention–oh, and did I mention that my husband is a pastor so we have worship services at home every weekend?

Anyway, maybe we can see the play another time.

As I understand it, the plot involves a home exchange between a couple of people (strangers to one another, of course).  One of the home exchangers thinks they may have discovered a murder plot.  The home exchange takes place between a TV crime show producer who swaps her home with a couple from England.  Once settled in the English cottage, the producer and her brother become suspicious that something is about to happen to the British husband staying in her Manhattan flat.  Apparently, what follows is a mix of comedy and suspense.

Whether or not I ever get to see the show, I am thrilled by yet another instance of popular entertainment imagining the exciting possibilities life has to offer those who embark on a home exchange.

Photo: Waterfront Playhouse by Christine is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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