Getting Your Home Ready For A Home Swap

It’s not so hard to get your home ready for a home swap.  Chances are, you know how to keep your home, flat, condo (or whatever is home to you) clean.  Or, at the very least, how to clean it up when guests are coming to visit.  That’s the general idea, when you prepare for a home exchange.

One of the advantages of joining an online home exchange network or listing your home with a home exchange directory is that you are working with others who share a similar checklist for getting their home ready.

Several handbooks and checklists are available online to help you get ready for a home swap. But, to keep it simple, in addition to cleaning up, here is a list of things to do to get ready for an exchange:

(1)  Clean up.  Tidy up.

(2)  Make space in dresser drawers and bedroom closet.  Leave plenty of hangers.

(3)  Store any valuables or lock them away in a closet.

(4)  Stock up with toilet tissue, bath soap, and cleaning supplies.

(5)  Have plenty of clean towels and linens for your guests.

(6) Leave written instructions or owner’s manuals for TVs, DVD player, appliances, home alarm system, heating and cooling units, vacuum cleaner and such.

(7)  Prepay your bills.

(8)  Put a hold on your newspaper and mail delivery.

(9)  Have lawn mowed, pool cleaned, etc.

(10) Leave the name and number of a friend or relative to call in an emergency.

(11) Make lists of a list of names and phone numbers for repair people.

(12) Make a list of emergency numbers you think may be helpful: doctor, walk-in clinic, nearby hospital, fire department, police.

(13) Leave your own contact numbers and itinerary in case someone needs to get in touch with you.

It’s all common sense, right?  And entirely do-able!

So, stop making it seem so complicated.  You can do this.  And, you’ll always be glad you did.

Photo: 3D Home Inspection Checklist by Chris Potter who requests attribution credit be given to is licensed under CC by 2.0.