Living A Global Life

Buying a home is an emotional experience. Your heart may even get to outvote your head in the decision. Usually, we love our homes.

As a real estate broker, I have often seen people purchase a new home based on their sense of who they are. Their house is more than a house. It is “my home.” It is “where I will live” and “where I will feel at home.” It may not be my dream home, but it is mine.

No wonder, we relate to the cliché Dorothy quotes in the Wizard of Oz, “There’s no place like home.”

Isn’t it great that we aren’t all the same?

I enjoy learning about personal and social differences in a global setting.

My favorite TV show is House Hunters International. This show shares stories of people looking for new homes all around the world. Brave, adventurous people choose to leave their homes in order to move to another country.

I especially enjoy witnessing the dynamics as international house hunters share their wish list and then discover what is available to them in their new location. Often, there is a values struggle as two people work through practical and emotional realities.

As I watch this show, one thought keeps coming back to me, “Living a global life changes people. They are never again the same.” They may be no place like home, but as we learn to make our home in new places, we change.

Photo: Ukrainian Homes by Trey Ratcliff is licensed under CC by 2.0.