“Happier Trails” As Home Exchange Listings Increase

HomeExchange.com is the #1 home exchange network in the world. But, the entire home exchange industry is in its infancy. These are the days of pioneers. The first wagons have only recently started to cross the Missouri into the wild frontier.  It’s like we are living back in the days when cities in western USA existed only in the imaginations of those we now acclaim as pathfinders.

Back in 2014, HomeExchange.com had 60,000 listings. Today, HomeExchange.com has 65,000 listings.

We applaud HomeExchange.com’s commitment to grow.

Not only do we believe that bigger is better for the entire home exchange movement, but every new member to this network means more people are looking at our personal home exchange listing. That means, more people from all over the world—and here in the USA—will contact us to ask if we would do a home exchange with them.

Believe us, it is so much fun—not to mention, a fantastic honor—to have people ask, “Would you like to do a home exchange with us?”

In one two-week period, people from the south of France, Spain, and Paris contacted us.

True, one of the reasons we have a home exchange listing is because we have limited funds for travel. We can’t agree to do an exchange with everyone who contacts us. On a retired parish pastor’s income, we can only afford a few trips a year.

The great thing is, that when we have to say “We are not available, right now,” those we disappoint can contact 64,999 other listings.

Some of us recall watching The Roy Rogers Show back when TV was only available in black in white.  Do you remember hearing Dale Evans and Roy Rogers sing “Happy Trails”? Sure, it was only a TV show.  But it was as close as we ever got to the days of the Old West—that is until, we found our way into the Home Exchange movement almost 30 years ago.

Photo: Roy Rogers and Trigger by Oliver Hammond is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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