Home Exchange Minnesota

HomeExchange.com has over 65,000 home exchange opportunities worldwide. In 2014, this  organization passed their major milestone of 1 million home exchanges since 1992 (which translates to 2 million home exchanges, since each home exchange involves two family swapping homes).

As home exchange enthusiasts, we are very excited about these numbers.

We are from Minnesota, originally. We know that Minnesota prides itself as a great vacation destination. The Twin Cities, Minneapolis and St. Paul, combine as large and beautiful cities. We live in Florida, now. But, we still travel to Minnesota—not because it is home to the Eiffel Tower, but because we want to visit family. So, how many Minnesotans do you think have discovered the joy of home exchanging?

Well, at this time, HomeExchange.com indicates they have 63 listings—in the entire state of Minnesota. The population of Minnesota is 5.3 million. Do you realize what a tiny percentage of the state is involved in this amazing travel experience?

We sure hope that the wonderful people of Minnesota start learning about home exchanges. Come on, get out there and see the world. Live like a local—somewhere beyond your state borders, Minnesota!

Photo: Bemidji, Minnesota by Jasperdo is licensed under CC by 2.0.