The Home Exchange Staycation Is Win-Win!

The recession and deflated real estate prices left many feeling the blues. Thousands of dollars of home equity vanished. For some this means the loss of hope that they can take a vacation, retire, or go on a sabbatical. It is easy to think there is no light at the end of this tunnel—and find oneself cursing the darkness.

But, in the darkness of depressed housing values, a new term was coined, “the staycation.”

What’s a staycation?

It is staying at home during your vacation.

This alternative to the traditional family vacation relieves the budget—and forces one to look at their community with a fresh set of eyes in search of new and exciting things to do close to home. Lodging in your own home and preparing some of your meals at home makes a huge difference in the cost of a vacation.

Next year, instead of a staycation, why not do a home exchange vacation?

The benefits of a home exchange go beyond those of the staycation vacation alternative. Yes, lodging is free. Yes, you can prepare meals “at home.” Plus, you get to travel. Even if you limit your travel distance to your own state or country, with a home exchange, you do not have make your imagination work so hard to find new places to see and new things to do.   You only have to open your eyes—and there it is. You are really on vacation!

For the cost of transportation, two families that do a home exchange can enjoy the economy of a staycation, but actually get out of town on a real vacation!

The home exchange: a simple idea whose time has come. With a home exchange you can have the staycation vacation of a lifetime.

Photo: My Garden by Tammie is licensed under CC by 2.0.