Just Relax: Now Is The Time

Often, we put off doing fun, enjoyable, and meaningful goals—like travel. We reach the age of 60 and ask, “Do we speed up our life or slow down?”

A couple of years ago (August/September 2014) AARP The Magazine had an interview with Jeff Bridges. We had to laugh when we read a quote from Bridges near the end of the article.

“I’ve got two conversations going on in my head,” [Jeff Bridges] explains, a bemused smile deepening the creases around his eyes. “One says, ‘Hey, you’ve got a lot of stuff you want to do, man. Now’s the time, because you’re gonna kick the bucket pretty soon.’ The other says, ‘Oh, Jeff, you want to make the rest of your life a giant homework assignment? Just relax, man. Just relax.’”

Can you relate?

We can.

Photo: Jeff Bridges at CD signing by Nellies is licensed under CC by 2.0.