Christian Home Exchange in New Zealand

 A home exchange in New Zealand. How exciting!

New Zealand is one of the 150 countries which, as a member of, you can contact in The Home Exchange Network.

New Zealand is located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. New Zealand’s nearest neighbor is Australia—around 90 miles away.

New Zealand is about the size of Colorado or Great Britain. The population is about 4.4 million people. There are even more sheep. There are about 9 sheep for every human living in New Zealand.

Christianity in New Zealand is declining. Less than half of the population now identify themselves as Christian.

The two official languages of New Zealand are English (91%) and Maori (4%).

The capital city is Wellington, with a population of 390,000. The largest city is Auckland, with a population of 1.36 million.

Surrounded by the sea, New Zealand has only minimal extremes in seasonal weather.

New Zealand has mountains, coastline, rain forests, and fjords.

If you plan to drive while in New Zealand, you need a drivers license from your home country (translated into English, if you native language is not English) or an International Driving Permit. To rent a car in New Zealand, you must be 21 years old. Also, keep in mind, you will be driving on the left side of the road.

Photo: Beautiful Akaroa by Trey Ratcliff is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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