Taking A Sabbatical With Family

Taking a sabbatical with your family is a great way to create special memories.

Included in my three-month clergy sabbatical in 2012, was one month in Minnesota with family. This was a really big deal, since we and our children and their families all live in Florida!

We are from Minnesota and the first parish we served was in Porter (1978-1983), a rural community in the southwestern part of the state.

In 1981, during a family sabbatical (we called it a family vacation in those days), we visited the Mississippi Headwaters at Itasca State Park.

During the sabbatical of 2012, our family returned to Itasca. When we returned home, we created a photo of our three children (now adults with children of their own) sitting on the log that spans the Mississippi River; we included a similar photo from 1981 (inset) .

We are convinced there is nothing like taking a sabbatical with family!

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