Time-Based Currency

Today, I was introduced to a new concept, “time-based currency.” Apparently, people the world over are experimenting with this idea. As I understand it, you swap an hour of your time providing a service to someone—with the possibility of earning an hour of service from someone else.

The concept intrigued me for a simple reason: it encourages personal creativity and caring about others. Admittedly, I know next to nothing about time banking (a “time bank” is the network that facilitates the exchange of this time-based currency).

In essence, this seems more like “volunteering” than “work.” The currency you create is redeemable by someone who previously helped someone else.

Our fragile planet needs more creativity and caring. That is why I encourage others to consider doing a home exchange. As a Christian, I think it really makes sense for Christians to do a home exchange.

Why not share our homes (referred to as a “home swap” or a “home exchange”)? When you are looking to travel, why not make your home available for someone else while you stay in theirs?

The home swap arrangement, like time banking, is creative. It is also good for the environment. Plus, it contributes to an increase in social capital.

As a Christian, I especially like the idea of developing relationships with other Christians. Such relationships help us experience another’s world—where they struggle to be faithful. Often, when we can walk a few steps in someone else’s shoes, it helps us better cope with our own challenges in life.

I may not be ready for time banking. You may not be ready for home exchanging. But, we owe it to life and each other, to check out ways to participate in a sharing and caring economy.

Photo: Squircle – Sam’s Town by Jill Clardy is licensed under CC by 2.0.