Resources For International Travel

Is it time to try something different?  Maybe do a home exchange, instead of a hotel?  Maybe seek an international destination?  If so, visit for some helpful resources.

This site provides lots of international travel resources:

*  Americans Abroad – Assistance During a Crisis

*  Americans Living and Traveling Abroad

*  Authentication of Documents for Use Abroad

*  Border Wait Times for Entering the U.S.

*  Currency Exchange Rates

*  Customs Information for International Travelers

*  Embassy Registration for Americans Abroad

*  Emergency Services for American Citizens Abroad

*  Entry Requirements for U.S. Citizens Traveling to Foreign Countries

*  Foreign Embassies in the United States

*  For Visitors to the United States

*  Health Information for Travelers

*  International Driver’s License

*  International Travel Services and Information – U.S. Department of State

*  Passport Requirements

*  Passports – Check the Status of Your Passport Application

*  Passports – Information on Getting or Renewing, Applications, and Local Application Facility Search

*  Safe Travel Abroad: Tips for Americans

*  Students Abroad

*  Telephone – International Long Distance Calling

*  Travel Warnings from the U.S. State Department

*  U.S. Embassies, Consulates, and Diplomatic Missions

*  U.S. Government Employees Foreign Per Diem Rates

*  Visas for U.S. Citizens Traveling Abroad

*  Voting Assistance Guide for Uniformed and Overseas Citizens

Photo: American Travel Inns by Allen is licensed under CC by 2.0.
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