Vacation Home Exchanges Offer Flexibility

Some people own more than one home—their primary residence and a vacation home.  This provides for a variety of interesting possibilities when arranging for a home exchange.

Most often a vacation home—or second home—is intended for weekend getaways and as a vacation destination.

When planning your next home exchange, keep in mind that “peak season” varies for people in different parts of the world.

In the United States, those owning a vacation home “up north” most often think of their vacation home as a summer destination.  Similarly, those owning a vacation home “down south” likely think of their vacation home as a winter destination.

Vacation lodging rates “up north” tend to be “peak season” rates in the summer and vacation lodging rates “down south” tend to be “peak season” rates in the winter.

And “peak season” helps us anticipate competition—and opportunity.

Imagine when your home and when your vacation home are likely most desirable—and then look for home exchange opportunities that allow you to travel to take best advantage of “peak season” and “off season” demand.

And remember: one person’s cast-off is someone else’s treasure.  Some people actually want to be “up north” during the winter.  Other’s really want to take a family vacation to Florida in the summer.

Image: The Mellower Season by Luna Jubilee / !bang poses is licensed under CC by 2.0.