The Search For Whole Life Stewardship Paradigm

So often, in the Christian Life, “Stewardship” is limited to Financial Stewardship.  Then, the conversation turns to “Tithing” and giving God 10% of what is under our stewardship.  But, everyone knows that “Stewardship” involves so much more than what we do with a percentage of our income.  God owns 100% of our wealth, not only 10% of it.  And God holds us accountable for how we manage 100% of our wealth.  But there is more.

All that we are and that we have belongs to God.  We are Stewards of all we are and all our resources.

I believe, Stewardship is using God-given resources for God-given purposes.  What “resources” has God given me?  What paradigms are helpful to picture these gifts and my responsibilities?

The Wholeness Wheel is one helpful approach to Whole Life Stewardship .

The Wholeness Wheel places all aspects of my life in the context of my spiritual well-being.

It is a significant step forward in the search for the Whole Life Stewardship paradigm to substitute the phrase, “Whole Life Stewardship,” for “Spiritual Well-Being.”

Somewhere I am sure there is a similar diagram that depicts our responsibility in multiple relationships: for example, my relationship with God, my relationship with myself, my relationship with my others, my relationship with the church, and my relationship with creation.

Well, I am sure I will come across more ideas in the search for a Whole Life Stewardship paradigm.

Image Credit: “The Wholeness Wheel” Copyright © 1997 InterLutheran Coordinating Committee on Ministerial Health and Wellness of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod.