Home Exchange Membership Discounts

We have loved the idea of staying in someone else’s home for about 30 years. Back when we first started to look for a place to stay, it was called, “sublet.” Dell was working on his doctorate (DMin. at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN) and we needed a place for our family to stay…

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Meaningful Travel With Vacation Home Swaps

Vacation home swaps can provide “the missing link” in many vacations. What is a vacation home swap?  It is either using your vacation home for a home exchange or taking a vacation by doing a home swap. A vacation home (or second home) is an under-valued resource for most people.  As a vacation home owner,…

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Travel The Home Exchange Way: More Vacation With Less Money

Vacations are very important for families, couples, and individuals. An obvious benefit to travel is to “see the world,” broaden your horizons, and create space away from your everyday life-perspective. Vacations are good for relationships.  You have time to enjoy your family or spouse: time to talk, plus you get to share new experiences together. …

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