Cheer Up Church – Creativity and Home Exchange

Charlie Peacock sings, “Cheer up, Church, you’re worse off than you think.” Many churches are feeling a money crunch, due to the economy.  Take our congregation, for example. There is no way our church could afford to provide a clergy sabbatical–apart from taking a creative approach to our life and our ministry together.  In fact,…

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Getting Ready For Home Exchange — Closets, Drawers & Cabinets

Our next home exchange is scheduled for August 2012.  We are doing a home exchange with a pastor and his family from England, as part of our 3-month ministry sabbatical. As I looked over our home exchange agreement, I saw one line in the agreement that was exciting and a blessing: “Sufficient closets, drawers and…

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Home Exchange Membership Discounts

We have loved the idea of staying in someone else’s home for about 30 years. Back when we first started to look for a place to stay, it was called, “sublet.” Dell was working on his doctorate (DMin. at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN) and we needed a place for our family to stay…

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