Life Stewardship and Home Exchanges

Recently, during a conversation, I mentioned the idea of using a home exchange for sabbatical time “off ” and the person responded, “What about my things?” My jaw dropped.  “What about your things?” I thought.  This person is a pastor, nearing burnout, needing a sabbatical, and their main concern is for their “things”?  I guess…

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Ministry Burnout and The Clergy Sabbatical

Recently, I read an article about ministry burnout. One of the author’s preventive measures to avoid burnout is to make sure the pastor takes one day a week “off.” I had to re-read this.  What?  Do people today really believe that the way to make sure pastors don’t burnout is to encourage them to take…

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Travel The Home Exchange Way: More Vacation With Less Money

Vacations are very important for families, couples, and individuals. An obvious benefit to travel is to “see the world,” broaden your horizons, and create space away from your everyday life-perspective. Vacations are good for relationships.  You have time to enjoy your family or spouse: time to talk, plus you get to share new experiences together. …

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