Alban Institute and Home Exchange

For 40 years, Alban Institute was an amazing ecclesiastical institution serving congregations and their leaders. In 2014, this organization founded by the Rev. Loren Mead in 1974, entered into an agreement with Duke Divinity School to transfer it’s intellectual properties to Duke. As a result of this agreement, Duke Divinity maintains an archive of the…

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Stewardship Of Self And Clergy Sabbaticals

Ministries increasingly encourage stewardship of self for pastors. In his book, Clergy Self-Care, Greg Sumii writes, “Pastors are human with limitations and yet many are ministering beyond their limitations.” Stewardship of self is something pastors need to model for others in the parish as much as we need it for ourselves. In an online article,…

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Christmas and Stress

[From my diary] Tomorrow is the Fourth Sunday of Advent.  The next day is Christmas Eve.  Then, of course, comes Christmas Day.  This wonderful time of the year we celebrate God becoming human like us–to save us.  With the added intensity of the next few days, your pastor is probably struggling with his or her…

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