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We have loved the idea of staying in someone else’s home for about 30 years. Back when we first started to look for a place to stay, it was called, “sublet.” Dell was working on his doctorate (DMin. at Luther Seminary in St. Paul, MN) and we needed a place for our family to stay…

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Life Stewardship and Home Exchanges

Recently, during a conversation, I mentioned the idea of using a home exchange for sabbatical time “off ” and the person responded, “What about my things?” My jaw dropped.  “What about your things?” I thought.  This person is a pastor, nearing burnout, needing a sabbatical, and their main concern is for their “things”?  I guess…

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Ministry Burnout and The Clergy Sabbatical

Recently, I read an article about ministry burnout. One of the author’s preventive measures to avoid burnout is to make sure the pastor takes one day a week “off.” I had to re-read this.  What?  Do people today really believe that the way to make sure pastors don’t burnout is to encourage them to take…

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