Leadership Matters And So Does Your Sabbatical

A certain type of self-understanding is essential for the parish pastor who wants to be a great leader. I appreciate Anthony B. Robinson’s insights into the importance of the pastor’s self-understanding for leadership in the parish in Robinson’s article, “Leadership That Matters.” Robinson draws his insights from James MacGregor Burns (Leadership, 1978), Edwin H. Friedman…

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Make Your Dream A Reality With A Home Exchange

In 1988, we did a home exchange with a Norwegian pastor and his family. It was a dream come true—well almost. My wife, Diane, and I actually dreamed of doing a home exchange with someone in a country where everyone spoke English. Six months before our family headed to Norway, we were all learning the…

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Getting Ready For Home Exchange — Closets, Drawers & Cabinets

Our next home exchange is scheduled for August 2012.  We are doing a home exchange with a pastor and his family from England, as part of our 3-month ministry sabbatical. As I looked over our home exchange agreement, I saw one line in the agreement that was exciting and a blessing: “Sufficient closets, drawers and…

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